Software Package

For basic calculations in naval architecture, JG Maritime Engineering uses software from Autoship Systems Corporation (ASC) suite of marine engineering software. Autoship Systems Corporation (ASC) provides leading-edge software solutions for two broad categories of marine industries: the vessel design and construction industry, and the marine shipping industry. These products are in use by thousands of marine businesses on every continent around the world.

Hydrostatics and Stability

Autohydro is a complete state-of-the-art hydrostatics and stability calculations program for naval architects, ship designers and marine engineers. It performs intact and damaged analyses and produces customizable stability reports which are accepted by all major approval bodies.

Automatic Report Generation Features

  • Hydrostatics, cross curves and righting arms
  • Longitudinal strength calculations
  • Floodable length calculations
  • Tank capacities, sounding/ullage tables
  • IMO probabilistic damage calculations
  • Resolution 14 damage calculations
  • Sounding/ullage correction table
  • Condition summary report

Vessel Model

Entire vessel models may be generated in Autohydro or the user can import hull shapes from Autoship® and then add geometry such as tanks, compartments and superstructure. Vessel models are defined by transverse sections, which can be entered by typing in offsets, or by creating a combination of primitive shapes such as cones, boxes or surfaces of rotation. These objects can then be fit or joined to each other to quickly make a complex model. Contents, effectiveness, specific gravity and sounding tubes are assigned to each tank. Margin lines and deck edges can also be defined.


Autohydro calculates using tanks, cargo spaces and compartments in intact, damaged, frozen or spilling conditions. Waves and wind velocity and direction may be specified. As well, Autohydro calculates for high speed turning and grounding situations.


Full reports and graphs of loading, longitudinal strength, stability, righting arms and hull parameters can be produced, edited and saved or sent to the printer. As well, Autohydro can evaluate stability with regard to published stability criteria and a warning is issued if the limit is not met. A sounding/ullage correction table function allows you to adjust the output to correlate exactly with approved loading tables. The Condition Summary Report makes stability booklet preparation easy as specific conditions and parameters can be tabulated.



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