Subsea Engineering

Independent Engineering Assurance and Expertise

Subsea engineering cover complex structures that require specialist engineering at all stages of the product lifecycle and a multi-disciplinary team to ensure an optimised design, careful manufacturing, reliable installation, operation, and long-term integrity.

From the conceptual stage to life extension projects:
  • We work with all types of operators, EPCI (Engineering Procurement Construction Installation) contractors, and directly with OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer).
  • Our collaborative approach has allowed us to gain in-depth knowledge and expertise that adds value to every project.
  • We have experience in all major offshore exploration regions, in shallow to ultradeep water, and with old and new pipe designs.
  • We are comfortable working with any standard configuration or developing new/novel configurations.

We have developed a software application for subsea pipeline engineering and design. By adding the relevant subsea design code of practice functionality to the software, it is possible to producing a suite of coupled reliability analysis and design programs for the subsea Oil & Gas industry.

Development of software for subsea engineering design and analysis when considering subsea pipeline design, is to a large extent based on the offshore industry regulations, rules and standards.

The software suite include the following offshore standards and recommendations:
  • Environmental conditions assessment
  • Pipeline wall thickness
  • Cathodic protection
  • Pipeline protection
  • On-bottom stability
  • Free-spanning pipelines
  • Soil-pipeline interaction
  • Expansion and buckling assessment
  • Dropped object
  • Trawl gear interference

JG Consultant & Ocean Engineering Services can provide subsea engineering design and analysis capability.



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