Consultancy Services

Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering

A great number of regulations cover the area of ship design, construction and exploitation. The design, construction and safe operation of merchant ships is considerably influenced and regulated by a number of organizations and their various requirements.
You can read more about our services within Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering here.

Ocean Engineering and Marine Operations

Based on on wave data analysis, the primary purpose is to document wave loads.Wave data analysis involves application of accepted time-series analysis and spectral analysis techniques.
You can read more about our services within ocean engineering and marine operations, including installation and load analysis here.

Renewable Energy

In recent years, the interest in developing new technologies to produce energy with low environmental impact by using renewable sources has grown exponentially all over the world. Wave energy converters that derive electricity from waves are of particular interest.
You can read more about our services within Offshore Renewables, including wave energy converters (WEC) and wind turbines here.

Subsea Engineering

A submarine pipeline is laid on the seabed or below it inside a trench. It is primarily used to carry oil or gas, and also water in some applications. The external environmental conditions together with the geotechnical seabed soil surrounding the pipeline are basis for the hydrodynamic loading and pipe-soil interaction.
You can read more about our services within subsea engineering, including analysis of free-spanning pipelines, on-bottom stability, pipeline protection, etc. here.


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