Naval Architecture

The design, construction and safe operation of merchant ships is considerably influenced and regulated by a number of organizations and their various requirements. Regulations, rules and legislation may be classified in accordance with these organizations, which fall into three broad categories:

   - International Authorities, such as International Maritime Organization (IMO)
   - Classification Societies
   - National Authorities

Naval architecture is an engineering discipline dealing with the design, construction and repair of marine vehicles. Due to the complexity associated with operating in a marine environment naval architecture is by necessity a co-operative effort between groups of technically skilled individuals that are specialists in particular fields, often co-ordinated by a lead naval architect.

The areas of expertise filled by naval architects are typically:
  • Hydrostatics (ex: trim & stability)
  • Hydrodynamics (ex: resistance and powering, seakeeping, manoeuvring)
  • Arrangements (ex: concept design, general layout, volume & access)
  • Structures (ex: global strength, local strength, vibration, seaway responses)
  • Construction (ex: rolling, cutting, bending and welding, erection and launching)

Intact and damage stability information booklets, including calculations are carried out using the software program “AutoHydro-Pro”.  Read more

JG Consultant & Ocean Engineering Services offer know-how and services in accordance with rules and regulations, which include the following:
  • National- and International Regulations
  • Structural Design including FEA
  • Document and Plan Approval
  • Stability Assessment (Intact and damage stability)
  • Load Line and Tonnage Calculation
  • Docking and Launching Calculation
  • etc.

Longitudinal strength calculations showing deflection and moments at stations along the hull as well as floodable length calculations.

JG Consultant & Ocean Engineering Services offer modelling and analysis support using software developed inhouse, as well as hand calculations supported with excel VBA spreadsheets and matlab code.


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